No Touch Merchant Processing
Keep your customers safe with automatic amount entry and contactless card entry.

Complete a sale

No need to type in the amount

Contactless completion

It's so easy. Simply complete the sale at the Register.
The amount due is AUTOMATICALLY transfered to the credit card terminal. No need to touch the keypad to type it in.
Customer uses the safe virus free contactless card completion.

They belong together.

Like peanut butter goes with jelly, your register goes with your terminal. If you have to manually type in the amount due you are wasting your time and asking for amount entry errors. Your customers deserve contactless card entry and soon, because of the virus issues, they will demand it.

Corona Virus Health Warning

Coronavirus can be transmitted via payment terminal buttons. Also, if customers hand you their card for you to swipe, please upgrade as soon as possible. Watch our short video to see how ProfitMaker with built-in contactless merchant processing can help.

It just makes it easier for you, and safer for you and your customers.

Uses YOUR bank. You don't have to switch banks.

<< Watch it in action.

NOTE: ProfitMaker is being renamed to iDryclean Smart Registers. Same thing, different name.

Credit card myths explained

It's more expensive?

Absolutely Not! It won't cost you more, you get added benefits and ease of use. It's a no brainer.

I have to change banks?

Nope. I'ts your money, it goes to YOUR bank. Easy.

You're making money off me?

Wrong. The benefit to us is that the more users like you that use this service, the more power we have over the merchant provider to make them control your costs. And, maybe you'll tell your drycleaner buddy to use ProfitMaker.

It's harder to use than my existing terminal?

No. It's actually easier, lots easier. When your credit card terminal talks to the register, you won't have to type in the amount. That avoids lots of errors keying in amounts. Example: you type in $5.55 at the terminal for a $55.55 amount due. You just lost $50. We help you avoid those errors and issues.

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EMV Card processing

What Does Liability Cost You as a Merchant?

Based on industry information, the liability shift will result in a typical merchant assuming an average of 0.02 bps of additional fraud liability. This is equivalent to $4 per month for a business processing $250,000 in annual credit card sales.

While the actual dollar impact may be insignificant (and varies by vertical market), we still encourage card-present merchants to eventually transition to EMV.

What you need to know about EMV

With the liability shift date of October 1, 2015 now past, many businesses that accept card payments still have questions about what exactly happened on that date, what has changed based on EMV, and what it really means for them and their business.

EMV will impact different merchants in different ways. It will have virtually no impact on many businesses other than the way you physically process cards. The key is to understand what happened on October 1, 2015, how it is likely to impact your business, and your true level of risk relative to fraudulent card use.

We want to make sure you have the answers you need. We’re here to support you as this technology is introduced to the US. We worked with our partners to design this document to better enable you to understand how EMV will impact you and your business. Call (800) 950-6767 to protect your business today!



After October 1, 2015

You will still be able to accept all cards whether they use an EMV chip or not. EMV acceptance is not a mandate nor is it a law. All cards – including EMV chip cards – will continue to process normally as magstripe transactions.

Understanding the TRUE cost of liability:

Merchants need to understand their fraud risk before making the decision to buy EMV-capable devices. Although it varies by industry, the actual additional fraud liability for a merchant is likely to be very low – on average as little as $4 a month*

You are still in control:

EMV support is not a requirement to keep your business running, it is your choice to implement. There is no need to panic over the October 1 deadline. This date does not represent the end, it is just the beginning.

* Source: Internal data based on portfolio averages. Your liability level can vary based on a number of factors.

EMV Technology .vs. Magstripe

Your merchant’s EMV-enabled device will communicate with the chip embedded inside the customer’s smart card to determine whether or not the card is authentic. Generally, the terminal will prompt the customer to sign or enter a PIN to validate their identity. This process enhances the authentication of both the card and cardholder, effectively reducing the possibility that the business will accept a counterfeit card or be held liable for a fraud-related chargeback. However consumers will still have the option to swipe their cards – magstripes, encryption and EMV technology will co-exist for a period of time. Consumers will have the option of presenting either a magstripe card or EMV card and the same device will be able to process either. The following diagram demonstrates how the chip-enabled card, including a magstripe, can be processed:

What if I don't use EMV

Ok, so you don't want to convert your store to EMV. That's ok but you just have to remember that the liability for any fraud committed in your store will be your responsibility. It's ok to use the Magnetic Stripe reader that you are using now or order a new one from us. Just be careful that you take precautions against fraudulent use.