Employee theft, is it your problem?

It has been proven that 75% of employees have stolen from their employer at least once.

Most stores have to deal with employee theft at one time or another. Let Cleaners ProfitMaker help you track your money so you are not a victim.

Six easy steps to eliminate fraud:

  1. Check your numbers - often
  2. Do inventories of your store
  3. Do an impromptu register check during the day AND night shifts.
  4. List Orders by Order Number
  5. Eliminate Buddy Punching (see below)
  6. Run the Exceptions Reports
Cleaners ProfitMaker Employee Theft Prevention

Cleaners ProfitMaker helps eliminate employee theft

Follow the steps listed below.

Sometimes it just feels like you might have employee theft. But, don't leave it to chance, check your numbers - often. Most employees don't think they are stealing!!! They think you owe it to them because they have been good employees, working hard, etc. Even trusted relatives may feel the need to give themselves a little extra. Regardless of the reason, you need to make sure that their compensation is in your hands, not theirs. Follow these steps to see if things don't add up.
  • 1. Turn on securityID# 44 "Modify Item" and set the "Access Level Required" to at least Supervisor or higher This will make each person that changes a price log in their employee code. The setting will not let regular employees change prices, only a Supervisor can do it.
  • 2. Track exceptions. Ok, now only Supervisors can make price changes. Run the exceptions summary report. Go to: Reports | Intelli Reports | Management | Exceptions Summary report to see all items whose price has been changed.

The most common way for employees to steal from your store is by bringing up an order for pickup, getting the amount due and rack location, then just closing the screen. They collect, and pocket, the money and give the customer their clothes. You are none the wiser if you don't check for this.

Lucky for you, Cleaners ProfitMaker can show you those orders that were viewed, but not picked up, very quickly and easily. Run the exceptions summary report. Go to: Reports | Intelli Reports | Management | Exceptions Summary report to see all items that pickup was started on, but cancelled without completion.

The first step in making sure orders aren't getting out the door without payment is to do an inventory. Cleaners ProfitMaker inventory is quick and easy it you have a barcode scanner and your orders are barcoded. To do an inventory, follow these steps:

  • 1. At the top tool bar menu select the Garment | Inventory option.
  • 2. Simply scan every order in your store. Its ok to scan an order twice.
  • 3. As you scan orders, you will see the order status in the window.
  • 4. After scanning every order, press the "Process Inventory" button and confirm you are done.
  • 5. Click on the "Preview Report" button to see the "Missing Inventory" report.
  • Any order that you DID NOT SCAN, but is still active in your computer will show up as "Missing". Now you will have to do a little work to find those missing orders. Maybe you didn't scan it, maybe it was given away without being paid for - THEFT!

And last, but not least, make sure your employees KNOW YOU ARE CHECKING. If they think they will get caught, they might not take a chance on theft. Do an inventory during the day, do one during a night shift so they know you are doing inventories as well.

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Pop into your store during the night shift. This lets your clerks know that you are checking the status of the store - day and night. Run the ZKey report for the time period the employee is there and count the till. The Zkey report can be run for any date/time period during the day.

Cleaners ProfitMaker has a very easy to use feature that allows you to view all the active and sold in the computer. Go to the top menu bar and select Orders | Sold and/or Orders | Active. You can quickly scroll down thru the list of orders in your store that are active, and those that have been sold. Notice the Order numbers and check if they are sequential. Look for Voids, Discounts, etc.

Also, run the following reports in Reports | Intelli Reports | Management

  • Voids by employee
  • Payouts by employee
  • REDO's
Eliminate Buddy Punching by using ProfitClock for your Time Clock. Buddy punching is when an employee clocks in their co-worker even though the co-worker is not there. Check out the section below for information on Buddy Punching. Buy ProfitClock
Cleaners ProfitMaker Software

Cleaners ProfitMaker Theft Prevention

Eliminate Buddy Punching

Cleaners ProfitMaker helps control time theft by eliminating buddy-punching.

Buddy punching is when an employee clocks in their co-worker even though the co-worker is not there. Let us show you an example of the amount of money you might be losing to employee time theft:

You have 5 employees,
who exaggerate their time by 10 minutes per day,
and they make an average of $12 per hour =
$2599 of lost revenue for your bottom line.

With Cleaners ProfitMaker's ProfitClock your employees cannot punch in their co-workers before they come in, or after they have left the store. This is a common occurance in the retail environment and it costs businesses like yours $1000's of dollars each year. Biometric security is just one more level of defense to thwart employee time theft.

When an employee clocks into your point of sale system, he/she must enter their user ID. But instead of typing their password, they simply scan their finger on a biometric fingerprint reader. This increased employee accountability can help protect you from costly loss of the money you depend on to keep your business going.

Installing and implementing biometrics fingerprint protection in your retail business can give you added peace of mind—you'll rest easier knowing that the money you depend on is safe and secure.

View and manage your employees from home, on vacation, or anywhere you have an internet connection.

Your Benefits

  • Employees can not clock-in other employees.
  • More control over transactions by the cashiers
  • Easy-to-use. Employees no longer need to remember clock-in passwords.
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