Frequently Asked Questions

Our business hours ProfitMaker telephone support is provided at NO-CHARGE to customers who use the built-in card processing. Other options are based on a quarterly fee or a per-incident charge. Email support is also provided free of charge but is limited in the scope of problems that can be solved. Support for non-ProfitMaker issues are charged on a per-incident basis.
We have 24 hour per day, 7 days per week, 365 day support operators standing by to take your call. Call backs are during our business hours unless your system is down in which case we call back as soon as possible. Per-incident support calls are returned within 4 hours.
The Cloud is just a set of mulitple computers that deliver software over the Internet. This allows a software environment that doesn't limit an application to a specific computer. Applications can grow dynamically and increase its share of resources on-demand as needed. So, when using a cloud, you can use as little, or as much, computing power as you need. The "Cloud" terminology comes from the picture that looks like a cloud when computer designers draw a picture of the internet. Our software for cleaners, is cloud based software. Visit iDryclean for information on our cloud product.
NO. We have a product called that provides a cloud based product for Drycleaners and Laundries.
NO. It is actually quite easy. A full page diagram is included with each system and it shows how to setup and plug in the monitor, printer, cash drawer etc. Some customers hire a computer tech to help them but it is definately not needed. Its just like hooking up a home computer and printer.
RouteMaker is our software that runs within ProfitMaker to help you manage routes. It is available to VIC enrolled customers who use the built-in card processing to utilize all of RouteMakers features. You can add RouteMaker to your existing ProfitMaker system at any time by enrolling in our Very Important Cleaners program here:
Cleaners ProfitMaker Software