Cleaners ProfitMaker Systems

Buying a Cleaners ProfitMaker system is easy

Follow the 1, 2, 3 steps below to get started

Cleaners ProfitMaker system setup

Step 1

Buy a system that fits your needs

You may need a single station or 2 or 3 stations. Visit our shopping page to see the prices and options available. Small stores with 1 station, and large stores with multiple stations, Cleaners ProfitMaker has been providing customers with quality systems since 1991.

Step 2

Get set up for card processing

Card processing is built-in to your Cleaners Profitmaker system. ChargeItPro will get you setup with great processing rates and superior service. With built-in card processing you will enjoy these features:

  • Very competitive rates
  • VIP Card-on-file features
  • Charge account customers can pay by card-on-file
  • Prints receipt on your dryclean receipt, no need for another printer.
  • Eliminates double entry of amounts
  • Cuts down on keying errors

Learn more HERE or call 800.774.6462 ext 4937

Cleaners ProfitMaker credit card
Cleaners ProfitMaker credit card

Cleaners ProfitMaker system setup

Step 3

Setup and turn on your system

After you get your system follow these steps to get started:

  1. Unpack your system
  2. Make the cable connections. It's just a computer.
  3. Plug in the power.
  4. Watch the video tutorials loaded on your computer.
  5. Call our support department for help.
  6. Load your Merchant information for card processing.