Track Sales, Control Your Store

Our easy to use reports help keep you informed.

Store Stats

Daily,Weekly,Monthly,Yearly reports at the click of a button.

  • Drop offs summary
  • Department Details
  • Accounts Receivable Summary
  • Specials and Taxes Summary
  • Voids Summary
  • Discounts Summary
  • Exceptions Summary
  • Tender Summary
  • Transaction Totals
  • New Customers Count
  • Aborted Sales
  • Price Changes
  • Piece Counts
  • Average per order
Cleaners ProfitMaker Pickups

Cleaners ProfitMaker Drop off report

Drop Off reports

View information about garments dropped at your store.

Cleaners ProfitMaker IntelliReports let you can drill down into reports before you print them, allowing you to see exactly what you want to see.

  • Drop Off Report
  • Dropped off Yesterday
  • Drop Offs by Department
  • Drop offs Per Hour
  • Drop offs by Garment
  • Drop Off Department Summary
  • Drop Off Details
  • Year-to-Date compare against last year.
  • Month-to-date comapre against last year.

Pickup Reports

Shows you orders that have been picked up.

  • Pickups by Order#
  • Picksups by Customer
  • Tommorows Expected Pickups
  • Pickups with Discounts
  • Pickups with Coupons
  • Pickups by Department
  • Pickup Tender Summary
  • Pickups Done by Each Employee
  • Pickup Details
Cleaners ProfitMaker Pickups

Cleaners ProfitMaker Production reports

Production Reports

Shows your workload details

  • Garment Item Workload
  • Deparmtne Workload
  • Garment Production Times
  • Department Production Times
  • Production by Employee
  • Orders Not Racked
  • Order Aging
  • Racked Orders by Order#,Name,Rack#
  • Active Inventory
  • Rack Location History

Customer Reports

View Customer details

  • New Customers
  • VIP Customers
  • Inactive Customers
  • Customer History
  • Discount Customers
  • Discounts Given
  • Birthday Report
  • Credit Cards Expiring
  • Credit Card List (secure)
  • Customer List
  • Top Customers by Sales$
Cleaners ProfitMaker Customer Reports

Sales Reports

Shows sales information for date ranges

  • Customer Sales Detail
  • Customer Sales Summary
  • Sales Period Comparison
Cleaners ProfitMaker Sales reports

Cleaners ProfitMaker Management reports

Management Reports

Show information that helps manage your store(s)

  • Voids by Employee
  • Payouts by Employee
  • Exceptions / ReDo's
  • Time Clock Hours Worked
  • Employee Schedule
  • Price Changes Made
  • Payment Types
  • Price List
  • Exceptions Summary
  • Balance Till
  • Tax Report

Accounting Reports

Print statements, and payment information

  • Who Owes Money
  • Account Aging
  • Payments Made
  • Statements - Plain, formatted.
  • Put customers balances on account.
  • Send statements to customers who owe you money.
  • Blank statments or formatted statements.
  • Statements fold into a #10 envelope for easy addressing.
  • Print reports of who owes you money.
  • Track 30,60,90 days past due.
Cleaners ProfitMaker Statements

Cleaners ProfitMaker Email reports

EMail Reports

Email statments, coupons, and specials to customers.

  • EMail statements to Account Customers
  • EMail Coupons
  • EMail Coupons to all customers
  • EMail "Happy Birthday" coupons to customers.
  • EMail "We Miss You" to inactive customers.
  • EMail "Welome" coupons to new customers.
  • You can define your own coupons.


Print postcards, mailing labels etc. for customers.

  • Print 4-up postcards for inactive customers, VIP customers, etc.
  • Customer Rewards points are collected per garment.
  • Print customers Birthday, Miss You, etc. mail labels, postcards.
  • EMail customers who are inactive to get them back.
  • EMail new customers to reward them.
  • Print coupons at time of sale if levels are met.
4-up Postcards - printed from Cleaners ProfitMaker Cleaners ProfitMaker Marketing