Cleaners ProfitMaker Version 7 Upgrade

Version 7 Features

  • Added EMV Chip/Pin interface to the PAX S300 credit card terminal. more
  • Major speed increase of customer/order lookup when a customer is selected and their orders are shown.more
  • Windows 10 tested and certified.more
  • Added security check to Status Reports.more
  • Added Email icon that shows if customer has work or home email on file.more
  • Fixed issue where PrePaid amounts were doubling when 2 or more payment types used.more
  • Updated Pickups to allow multiple payment types on Pre-Paid orders.more
  • Fixed GarmenTrak and added Epson LQ950 printer.more
  • Fixed issue where employee id was not logged on Quick Drops.more

EMV Chip/Pin Credit card reader

You can now use the PAX S300 terminal if you want to meet the EMV mandate from Visa and Mastercard. Version 7 of ProfitMaker is required as it contains the code to talk to the PAX S300 terminal.
ProfitMaker PAX S300

Major Speed Increase

We have made it much faster to look up customers. When you type in the customers name or phone number or other method of search, the customer and all of their orders are searched. We have dramatically increased the speed which that information shows on the screen in Version 7.

Windows 10 Tested.

We have throughly tested and certified that Cleaners ProfitMaker 7 is compatible with Windows 10. NOTE: Windows 10 requires SQL Server version 2008 or higher.>

Security check

We added a security check to the Store Status report so that your employees can not see the sales information if you don't want them to.

Email Icon

Now, when a customer is shown on screen, an Email icon is displayed if they have an email address stored. This makes it so you don't have to ask customers for their email address if they already have one stored.

PrePaid amounts

We have fixed and issue where PrePaid amounts were doubling when 2 or more payment types were used.

Updated Pickups

Version 7 has been updated for Pickups to allow multiple payment types on Pre-Paid orders.

Updated GarmenTrak

Added the Epson LQ950 printer as an option for printing GarmenTrak tags.

Employee ID Missing

We fixed an issue where the employee id was not logged on Quick Drops.

Cleaners ProfitMaker Support Options

Remote help Show My PC

We can remotely connect to your computer (with your permission of course) to access work on your computer as if we were sitting right in front of it with you. Click on the Show My PC link above to start the connection after contacting us. (Per-incident support charges may apply if you don't use built-in card processing, or have a VIC contract, and must be purchased in advance below.).

Free Support

Our customers get 30 days of free support when they purchase their system. After that period you can email us at and we will help you with ProfitMaker issues that are supportable via Email. Depending on your comfort level with computers, this may work for you. If you need us to walk you thru issues over the phone, or for more complex problems after your 30 days of free support see the options listed below. Email is taken on a first come, first served basis and we will respond within 1 business day normally.

Per Incident Support

Most of our customers use the preferred built-in card processing which entitles you to free business hours telephone support. Also, we offer VIC Support contracts so you can pay a reasonable price on a quarterly basis. For those who don't have either of those options we can call your store, or connect via internet to help you on a per-incident basis. There is a one-time, per incident charge that can be paid with Visa or Mastercard.
Buy a business hours incident here Buy a business day afterhours incident here

VIC support contract

We offer a support contract called a VIC (Very Important Cleaner). This lets you pay a reasonable quarterly fee to call us all you need to.

*Our Support Policy

Our free support is for ProfitMaker issues only. Windows, networking or other user caused problems out of our control are charged at the standard rate.

Our support operator is on call 24 7 365 days per year. If you are a card processing customer, or a VIC subscription customer you can call our help line anytime. If it is afterhours, or on the weekend, and you tell our operator your system is DOWN, we will call you back within 4 hours. DOWN means your system can not process orders. Urgent support can not be used for questions and help that can be taken care of during our business hours. We reserve the right to limit the number of afterhours-urgent emergency support calls you can receive. Don't waste them. :-)

Thank you.

Support Phone#: 801-649-6691

NOTE: Customers using built-in card processing and/or having VIC subscriptions can be handled at the above number. All others must Email us or purchase emergency or per incident support. Thank you.

Business Hours of Support - Pacific Time

Monday: 8am to 5pm
Tuesday: 8am to 5pm
Wednesday: 8am to 5pm
Thursday: 8am to 5pm
Friday: 8am to 5pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed
Bank Holidays: Closed


Printer Fails after Windows 10 update Follow these links to see how to fix this issue that the Microsoft Windows 10 update does to your printer driver. Hotfix This hotfix adds the following features and fixes:
  • Fixed issue with Payouts not counting towards totals.
  • Fixed issue with Discount taxes not calculating on the correct subtotal.
  • Added Gift Cards feature.
Download Instructions:
WARNING! Do not install this ProfitMaker Hotfix unless you currently have version or higher installed.

Click HERE to download the Cleaners ProfitMaker Hotfix.

Then Save and Run the program and accept all warnings that appear.

Hotfix This hotfix adds the following features and fixes:
  • Added a "Print Tags" option to the Command Center so tags can be re-printed on demand for any order.
  • Now asks for number of Print Copies on Drop Off orders if config is set to "Ask Me".
  • Quick Tickets now lets you select how many copies to print.
  • Pre-Paid orders where not showing customer information on receipt print. Fixed.
  • Payments on Account receipt was not showing customer name. Fixed
  • Quick Drop tickets was not printing item details. Fixed
  • Right side of ZKey was being cut off. Fixed
  • Card-on-File was not allowed for IPad credit card users. Fixed
  • Env Fees were calculating on negative (discount) line items. Fixed
  • When departments were non-taxed and customer had a discount, there was a negative tax on QuickDrops.
  • IPad Timeouts were not being handled well. Enhanced.
  • Several IPad enhancements for credit card processing.
  • Allows setting of PORT and SSL for Email security.
  • New setting in "Configure | Ticket and Tag Layout | Pickup Tickets" allows turn off of PrintPickupDetails.
  • Fixed issue with Batch Email Drop Off features.
Download Instructions:
WARNING! Do not install the ProfitMaker Hotfix below unless you currently have version installed.
Click HERE to download the Cleaners ProfitMaker Hotfix.
Then Save and/or Run the HotfixInstall program.


FixupOrderDBAmounts As of version 6.2 you need to run this special program after converting from version 4. Download and install this zip file if you have a ProfitMaker version 4 database that needs converting to version 6.
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