Cleaners ProfitMaker Features

Cleaners ProfitMaker has all the features todays cleaner needs.

Here is a list of what ProfitMaker does. There is a lot of stuff in this list and not every cleaner will use every feature and that is ok. You can use the parts you need, and forget the rest. Cleaners ProfitMaker is as easy or as powerful as you need it to be.

Cleaners ProfitMaker main screen

Watch Drop offs in action

Quick Drop

When customes drop off garments, you want to get them in and out fast and easy.

  • Print Quick Orders in just a couple of steps.
  • Print Invoices in advance for use at a drive up.
  • Can have customer name/phone or generic.
  • Add customer name/phone at markup.
  • Prints much faster than you can hand write.
  • Configurable Due Date eliminates quesswork.
  • Due date override if necessary.

Drop offs - Detailed.

Some stores like to add detail to orders when they are dropped. No worries, Cleaners ProfitMaker does that too!

  • Print Quick Orders in just a couple of steps.
  • Print Detailed Orders and mark up later.
  • Add Dryclean, Laundry, etc. to the same ticket,
  • Print separate tickets for each department.
  • Enforces your price list.
  • Tracks any price changes and reports it.
  • Add coupons/discounts at drop off if desired.
  • Track actions under management control.
  • Pictures on Garments make training easy.
  • Prices show on button for fast price quotes.
  • You can change text and prices at any time.
  • Change pictures or don't show a picture.
  • Configured Due Date eliminates quess work.
  • Due Date can be calculated by garment type.
  • Add colors and/or patterns.
  • Upcharges can be defined for each garment.
  • Maximum flexibility in pricing.
  • Pay on pickup or pay on drop off.
  • Customers Starch/Finish preferences are shown.
  • Shows ready orders at time of drop off.
  • Shows In-Process/Ready counts on main screen.
  • Promotional items can automatically pop up.

Watch Drop offs in action

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Markups in action

Markup and Edit.

Add upcharges and details to an order at anytime before it leaves the store.

  • Complete Security Lockdown if desired.
  • Add upcharges to an existing order at any time.
  • Reprint invoice and/or tags at any time.
  • Add coupons and adjustments at any time.
  • Track changes made to an order.

Pickup Orders

When customers come in to get their completed orders, you are ready for them.

  • Combine multiple orders into a single payment.
  • Add coupons at the time of pickup.
  • Cash, Checks, Credit Cards, and On-Account pay types.
  • Store credits payment option.
  • Check #'s can be entered and tracked (optional).
  • Credit card processing is done right from pickup screen
  • No need to double enter credit card amount at CC terminal.
  • Credit card customer signs right on the pickup invoice.
  • Caculates change due and shows clerk.
  • Tracks discounts given by clerks and shows to management.
  • Print 1,2,3 or no copies of the invoice.
  • Unlimited Notes

Pickups in action

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Racking in action


Rack by barcode or Customer Initials.

  • Emails customer when order is ready for pickup.
  • Rack finishd orders to numbered, alphabetical or free form locations.
  • Racking step is optional.
  • Use customers last name initial as racking location.
  • Do speed racking with optional barcode reader.


Sell lint removers, hangers, and other products.

  • Sale inventory without customer information.
  • One button touch on sales items.
  • Shows pictures and prices of items for sale.

Sales in action

Watch Production in action

Production Tracking

Keeps track of your garment production.

  • See Drop,Assemble,Pickup hourly statistics
  • Management View shows Production Counts real time.
  • View Employee Timeclock
  • Reprint or view a past invoice at anytime.

Customer Management

Manage your customers without effort.

  • View customers complete history with one touch.
  • View changes to any order.
  • Reprint or view a past invoice at anytime.
  • Sales History Report shows Yearly and Monthly sales.
  • Shows 30,60,90 days of history or all history.
  • Shows rewards points accumulated over 30,60,90 days.
  • Shows yearly qty and totals for fast customer evaluation.
  • Show In-Process, Ready, and Sold orders.
  • Shows days since last visit like "90 Days Since Last Visit"
  • Learn More

Customer Management Video

CLeaners ProfitMaker Laundry Scale

Laundry Features

Valuable laundry features included.

  • Track number of quarters given out per pound.
  • Attach a SCALE for accurate weighing.
  • Track employee coin usage for theft.
  • Reports show Price Per Pound.


Quick and easy reports keep you informed.

- IntelliReports>  ProfitMaker reports are called Intelli-Reports because you can drill down into reports before you print them allowing you to see exactly what you want to see.
  • Drop Off Report
  • Dropped off Yesterday
  • Drop Offs by Department
  • Drop offs Per Hour
  • Drop offs by Garment
  • Drop Off Department Summary
  • Drop Off Details
  • Year-to-Date compare against last year.
  • Month-to-date comapre against last year.

Pickup Reports

  • Pickups by Order#
  • Picksups by Customer
  • Tommorows Expected Pickups
  • Pickups with Discounts
  • Pickups with Coupons
  • Pickups by Department
  • Pickup Tender Summary
  • Pickups Done by Each Employee
  • Pickup Details

Production Reports

  • Garment Item Workload
  • Deparmtne Workload
  • Garment Production Times
  • Department Production Times
  • Production by Employee
  • Orders Not Racked
  • Order Aging
  • Racked Orders by Order#,Name,Rack#
  • Active Inventory
  • Rack Location History

Customer Reports (can also print as Postcards or Mail Labels)

  • New Customers
  • VIP Customers
  • Inactive Customers
  • Customer History
  • Discount Customers
  • Discounts Given
  • Birthday Report
  • Credit Cards Expiring
  • Credit Card List (secure)
  • Customer List
  • Top Customers by Sales$

Sales Reports

  • Customer Sales Detail
  • Customer Sales Summary
  • Sales Period Comparison

A/R Reports

  • Who Owes Money
  • Account Aging
  • Payments Made
  • Statements - Plain, formatted.

Management Reports

  • Voids by Employee
  • Payouts by Employee
  • Exceptions / ReDo's
  • Time Clock Hours Worked
  • Employee Schedule
  • Price Changes Made
  • Payment Types
  • Price List
  • Exceptions Summary
  • Balance Till
  • Tax Report

EMail Marketing Video

Email Marketing

Email coupons, track lost customers, keep on top of your business.

  • Customer Rewards points are collected per garment.
  • Print customers Birthday, Miss You, etc. mail labels, postcards.
  • EMail customers who are inactive to get them back.
  • EMail new customers to reward them.
  • Print coupons at time of sale if levels are met.
  • Put customers balances on account.
  • Send statements to customers who owe you money.
  • Blank statments or formatted statements.
  • Statements fold into a #10 envelope for easy addressing.
  • Print reports of who owes you money.
  • Track 30,60,90 days past due.
  • Automatically prints coupons based on configed settings.
  • Control rewards points per garment.
  • Define and print your own coupons.
  • See rewards collected on customer history.
  • Bithday, Miss You, Welcome and other coupons included.

Account Management

Customers owe you money? We help you collect it easy.

  • Receive payments from customer by cash, check, CC.
  • Easily view past payment history.
  • Prints receipts on payments if needed.
  • Give Store Credits or barters.

Profitmaker account statements

RouteMaker Video


Cleaners RouteMaker builds your business.

  • FREE RouteMaker Software (with card processing).
  • Track of all your routes/stops
  • Enhances Your Route Delivery Service.
  • Simplifies Route Management.
  • Compare Calculated to Actual Drive Times.
  • Keep Track of Drivers.
  • Track Vehicles and Mileage.
  • Add 1 or 100's of Routes.
  • Add 1 or 100's of stops to any route.
  • Add stops within stops.
  • Track billing responsibility and invoicing.
  • Print Manifests.
  • Scheduling pickups and deliveries.
  • Satellite store orders input.
  • Show me RouteMaker

Plus These Valuable Features

There are so many features in Cleaners ProfitMaker. Here are some more...

Time Clock

  • Lets employees clock in and out.
  • Prints employee schedules.
  • Prints employee hours worked.
  • Helps eliminate buddy punching.
  • Manages your staff.
  • Employee Theft Prevention

More features

  • Remote Access
  • Batch Order Entry
  • Batch Payments
  • Configurable Store Information
  • Flexible pricing setup by you
  • Coupon Configuration
  • Security settings to protect your data


  • Assign discount levels to any customer.
  • Employee discounts can be assigned for auto pricing.
  • Wholesale customer pricing discounts.
  • Leve 1 and 2 discounts can be defined.
  • Discounts and adjustments can be department specific.


  • Environmental fees can be charged per department.
  • Enter % discount coupons.
  • Enter specials or overrides like "Next Day Service".
  • Control and enter Redo's.
  • Add On-The-Fly items.

Journal Print

  • View picked up orders at anytime and reprint an invoice.
  • View orders for any date or range of dates.


Features Video