Why is Cleaners ProfitMaker the best?

You have many choices when it comes to Drycleaner or Laundry systems. But we'll work harder to earn your business. PLUS!, we want to make sure you get the BEST deal when purchasing your system. We offer regular specials with huge discounts off our normal prices. These are internet prices only. So, whether your current system is old and you need to upgrade, or you are putting a new store together we offer you...

Easiest system to use.

Optimized for touch.

Our easy to use touch screen optimized layout makes drop offs and pickups fast and easy. You and your employees can learn and use the system in as little as 1 day. Setup is as easy as plugging in the cords and powering it up. It just doesn't get any easier.

  • 1
    Touch the shirt button
    It appears on the invoice, priced correctly by customer, by date, etc.
  • 2
    Touch Upcharges
    Item upcharges are added without extra effort.
  • 3
    Touch Finish
    Order is totaled, and you can print as many invoices as needed.

Cleaners ProfitMaker Touch Screen

Low cost of supplies.

  • Wet tags printed on demand cost as low as $2 per 1000
  • Wet tags from 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch tall and 3" wide
  • Invoices are printed with your store name and logo.
  • Invoices cost as low as $20 per 1000.
  • Print as many invoices as you like.
  • Reprint invoices whenever needed.

Built-in credit card processing.

Take advantage of credit card convienience.

For you, and for your customers. Let's face it, your customers want to pay by credit card. And now days, they even want to pay by using their phone as a payment method. Either way we have you covered. Your customers will love features like:
  • VIP card-on-file convienience
  • Low processing rates for you
  • Account customer payments by card-on-file
  • Card receipt prints on ProfitMaker receipt
  • Lower mistakes from duplicate amount entry

Grow your business with routes.

Use Cleaners RouteMaker to handle your route business.

  • Enhances Your Route Delivery Service.
  • Simplifies Route Management.
  • Compare Calculated to Actual Drive Times.
  • Keep Track of Drivers.
  • Track Vehicles and Mileage.